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Boston, August 9, 2010. KBAR had the opportunity to sit down with IDRIS ELBA on a recent Monday morning to talk about his new film, his music, and his passion for supporting independent film.

As heist movies go, “TAKERS” falls on the heals of some of the best, “Ocean’s Eleven”, the “Bank Job” and dozens more that are filled with testosterone, explosions, and great costume design (there is nothing like a European tailor). With a cast as hot as this one, PAUL WALKER, IDRIS ELBA, HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN, MICHAEL EALY, CHRIS BROWN and T.I., this movie can’t possibly fail, and it doesn’t.

As Elba says “we all had great fun together,” and “I love heist films and I wanted to be a part of one.”

Entertaining to the final moment, the film has strong writing from PETER ALLEN and GABRIEL CASSEUS (both whom have been to Boston with TCOF/RIFF events), and believable acting by the “takers” and the detectives (MATT DILLON and JAY HERNANDEZ) who are trying to catch them. To add a deeper richness to the film, MARIANNE JEAN-BAPTISTE (“Secret and Lies” and “Without A Trace”) plays Idris’ drug addicted sister and allows us to see the depth of his character and the humanity that exists under his staid exterior. A storyline he says “that was an anchor for my character.”

Out of a love for independent films, (readers may remember Elba as the “bad guy” in the film “One Love” with KYMANI MARLEY that TCOF screened a few years ago) Elba has created his own production company in London that will work with young writers who have great material and the vision to make it work.

His newest film “Legacy” is his first acting/producing project because as he put it, “some of the roles I am getting are not challenging enough so I am looking more towards producing.”

With roles coming at him and his popularity on the rise, Elba gets scripts more readily these days but he says “It’s a matter of saying no rather than saying yes. I wouldn’t have the range as an actor if I didn’t stick to my guns. I’m not famous and that is one thing about being a character actor, that you can’t always recognize who I am, and I like that.”

As Elba’s star begins to rise it will be more and more difficult for him to seek refuge in the character parts that he plays. He tries to keep his two worlds separate, that of father and everyday guy with being a growing star and he feels the difficulty of balancing the two and creating a “clear separation” he says.

“My daughter doesn’t actually like when we are out and people are asking to take pictures. It is tough because part of your success is having notoriety and being larger than life and my fans are very important but you have to balance the two lives. I shake hands, I take a picture but when I am not in the mood, I’m not in the mood and I don’t pretend.”

Well from what we saw, Idris Elba that problem doesn’t often arise. He is gracious and charming and even if you came across him and he wasn’t in the mood, you would never know you were being pushed off. He takes his work very seriously and his command and respect for the craft is not only comforting, but very apparent. “Takers” is a great addition to the summer line up. It is sure to keep your attention in more ways than one.

By Lisa Simmons

TAKERS official website

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