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The Color of Film Collaborative is a non-profit that works to support media makers of color and others who have an interest in creating and developing new and diverse images of people of color in film, video and the performing arts.




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Captain Philips

Master of the hand held camera Paul Greengrass once again provides audience members with a cinematic experience that will surely stand the test of time.  His new film Captain Philips, stars the talented Tom Hanks and an even more talented supporting cast, many of whom celebrate their first foray in to the movie business. The [...]


Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” is the type of film that would serve more purpose hanging from a nail on someones living room wall as a valuable piece of art than in theaters. The 3D feature offers very little to audience members outside of its stunning atmospheric appeal. Starring the infamously talented George Clooney and Sandra Bullock [...]

Baggage Claim

Claiming your belongings at an airport baggage claim is probably one of the most uneventful ways to spend your evening. Ironically, so is seeing the recently released Romantic Comedy of the same name (“Baggage Claim”) directed by David E. Talbert and produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures. Vowing to marry before the last of her younger [...]


The Color of Film Collaborative and the Haley House Bakery Café co-produce another spectacular evening of Dinner & A Movie! Dinner & A Movie evenings are meant to support the work of independent filmmakers while engaging viewers in conversation around topics presented by each film. Join us for a great film and fascinating discussion!   [...]


Newbie Hollywood director David Villenueve earns his title as upcoming director to watch in his new film “Prisoners,” a gripping abduction film that will keep you at the edge of your seat constantly questioning the emotionally driven motives of its characters and their willingness to put aside their moral conscience in order to protect their [...]

The Butler

Wil Haygood wrote an article about Eugene Allen, a man who had spent his life as a quiet humble servant.  A life that spanned nine decades and witnessed more change, transition and turmoil than many of us could not even image.  He was a witness to history, a keeper of closely held secrets and a [...]


Neil Blomkamp’s “Elysium” is the perfect summer blockbuster; a “Terminator,” “District 9,” “2012″ Bourne series hybrid that showcases everything audience members want to see when they go to the movies. It has a cohesive plot, snippets of romance, great action scenes and Matt Damon decking people with a cyborg like strong man suit on. Utopia, [...]

The Wolverine

Wolverine is once again pulled away from his mountain man lifestyle at the request of another party in the sixth installment of the X Men series and second Wolverine focused film. This time set in Tokyo Japan, the once justice serving mutant finds himself in a situation where another life must be saved, only this [...]

Fruitvale Station

Director Ryan Coogler brings the story of Oscar Grant to the public eye in the brilliantly filmed biography “Fruitvale Station.” Though there are a handful of similar untold stories, Coogler does all of them justice by intentionally or unintentionally giving those affected by these or other closely related events, a rallying cry against police brutality and [...]

Pacific Rim

If one had to describe Guillermo de Toro’s “Pacific Rim” in no more than two words the most suitable pairing of adjectives would be “epically” “epic.” In a hypothetical coliseum where films duke it out to claim the title of top summer blockbuster, “Pacific Rim” is an invincible gladiator, throwing thousand ton haymakers of destruction [...]

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The Color of Film Collaborative is a non-profit organization that supports and fosters the individuals and organizations in the creation of diverse images of people of color in film, video, theater and other media, by providing artists with opportunities to exhibit, distribute and find funding for their work, as well as provide a supportive environment where they can share and develop their ideas, their vision and their work with their peers. About Us

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