The Kay Bourne Arts Report

Kay Bourne

Editor, Contributor A journalist and educator, Kay Bourne is currently an adjunct scholar at Northeastern University doing research for a book on the black presence in the arts in Boston over the centuries. She also writes on the contemporary arts scene for “The Color of Film Collaborative Presents The Kay Bourne Arts Report,” a news letter distributed via email…. Read More

Lisa Simmons

Contributor, Publisher With a background in film and video production, Ms. Simmons has for the past 6 years run an independent film company focusing on historic and contemporary multicultural video production. In addition, Ms. Simmons is the founder and president of, The Color of Film Collaborative, Inc. (TCOF), an organization of actors, producers, directors and others with an interest in creating and supporting positive images of people of color in film, theater, and other media… Read More

Robin Saunders

Contributor, Publisher Robin Saunders is an independent producer and urban events and theater consultant in the Boston area for over 20 years. She produces a Caribbean & African American cultural program on Boston Neighborhood Network, which airs weekly, for the past 11 years. She produces and edits video projects for corporations and non-profits… Read More

Welcome to The Kay Bourne Arts Report (KBAR). With high hopes for the future, KBAR continues with its mission: “to connect people who love The Arts with The Arts they love.” Published by The Color of Film Collaborative, Inc., KBAR’s Arts Editor is Kay Bourne, a seasoned arts reporter and supporter of the arts We hope you continue to look forward to KBAR, and we ask that you forward it to others so that your colleagues, friends and family can also subscribe and enjoy!


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