Star Trek: Into Darkness

May 17th, 2013  |  Published in Recent Reviews


star trek into darkness wallpaper 590x368 Star Trek: Into DarknessStar Trek: Into Darkness” is projected to sail the enterprise to the top of the box office and stay at that post for some time; after all, it is only logical. Trekkies and average movie goers alike swarmed to the Legacy Place Theater on Wednesday to take part in the unveiling of the new Star Trek film “Into Darkness”, and were not disappointed. Maintaining the continuous flow of sheer awesomeness set by the first Star Trek film, “Into Darkness” boards audience members onto the star fleet ship; Enterprise for an experience no one will ever forget.

After making a judgment call, that goes against protocol, to save Spock’s (Zachary Quinto’s) life from a heated scenario (something that is characteristic of this young captain) Kirk (Chris Pine) is discharged from his position as Star Fleet captain and reinstated as Captain Pike’s (Bruce Greenwood’s) First Officer . However, fate fixes this match up and once again proves it’s desire to see Kirk at the helm, allowing Captain Pike to pass away in a firefight and the young Captain to once again gain control of his ship. Their mission; to hunt down the man that murdered Captain Pike and re-label his expiration date to ASAP. On the surface, this seemingly “easy as pie” scenario proves to be nothing short of a daunting task fueled by vengeance, but the crew of the Enterprise soon realizes that they can not have their cake and eat it to.

Into Darkness” is a flattering continuation of the Star Trek legacy, with a hint of “swagger.” It is enticing, situationally humorous, and aesthetically out of this world. The cast is also relatively notable.

Hollywood newcomer and star of the first Star Trek film Chris Pine flawlessly pursues the role of Kirk, an unconventional, protocol illiterate Captain that is constantly brewing a platter of snide remarks to serve to his Vulcan “friend” Spock. Zachary Quinto, a logical being that can chose to turn off his emotions like a light switch, also gives us a convincing performance that, at times, deems to be quite entertaining. Last but certainly not least, is Zoe Saldana, owning the more involved role of Uhura, language specialist.

On the “dark side” of the trekky spectrum is Khan ,played by masterpiece theater’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Though typically seen on television’s PBS as an awkwardly intelligent detective with friend Watson by his side, Cumberbatch becomes a conquistador in this film, exploring new roles and conquering them effortlessly.

Into Darkness is quite the spectacle. Even though this J.J. Abrams film is commonly referred to as an action film, this film casts a blanket of success over nearly every genre of film. It is funny, there is action, drama unfolds, romances blossom, it is thrilling (to the easily startled individual) and consists of what most films seem to lack this year; a good story. This is not the type of film one should wait to see until it is released on DVD because they will be tormented by the priceless appraisal everyone has given it and will give it in the months to come.

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