“Man of Steel”

June 16th, 2013  |  Published in Recent Reviews

image1 Man of Steel“Man of steel,” directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Warner Brothers Studios, gives new meaning to the term “coming out with a bang”. This movie sports a Russell Crowe montage of $%#-kicking, that only a fool would deem a cheesy and un-memorable beginning to yet another superman film.

Sent to planet earth upon the destruction of his home planet Krypton, Kal-El (known to many by his human name Clark Kent) was the first natural born child in centuries, and the biological son of Jor-El (Russell Crowe.) Years following Kal-El’s not so normal adoption by farmers in Kansas, this superhuman spawn soon comes to the realization that he is not like the other kids, and must choose what is more important; the safety of others, or the concealment of his supernatural powers. Kent finds himself weighing the outcomes of these two scenarios sooner than he wishes when rebel Kryptonian military General Zod (Michael Shannon) attempts to use earth as the foundation for a new Krypton; a plan that would bring Earth’s inhabitants to extinction. One would like to think that superman conquers these obstacles with ease, but with the existence of mankind weighing in the balance; even this patriot feels the crushing weight of the world on his shoulders.
The film is unique in the sense that it gives audience members a different glance at the hero’s life. By choosing to exhibit the life of young Clark in a series of flashbacks throughout the film, the director was able to successfully put forth a film that doesn’t state the obvious (how superman came to be.) Instead, more time is granted for overwhelmingly superb action scenes and borderline cheesy dialogue that no superhero film is complete without.
Flawlessly complimenting the seasoned talent of the film’s cast the special effects are are the no less impressive . In fact, at the conclusion of the film it would not be shocking to encounter a group of individual viewers that were convinced (due to the technical genius of certain crew members) that with persistence they would be able to fly, emit “laser beams” from their eyes on command, and stop collapsing oceanic oil rigs from harming its workers. Though the film is quite a spectacle to witness as whole, the excessive shots of Kent launching himself from the ground into cruising altitude does leave a bitter taste of repetitiveness in one’s mouth, but after all he is Superman.
Man of steel is well-rounded film-Staring the barbaric looking Russell Crowe and the not so barbaric looking Amy Adams (as Lois Lane.) Other well-known cast members consist of Michael Shannon (as General Zod,) Lawrence Fishburne (as Perry White) and the “Man of Steel” himself: Henry Cavill.

The film, unlike many other remakes, compliments the Superman saga in its entirety, adding new life and effects to the series that weren’t possible in the past. Had the creator (Jor-El ) of this ultimate superhuman being seen this film he may have cried out of joy. Man of steel is a must see for all: especially my fellow Russell Crowe fans who enjoy watching the seasoned veteran put the beat down on his foes.

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