The Best Man Holiday

November 17th, 2013  |  Published in Recent Reviews  |  1 Comment

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Malcom D. Lee’s “Best Man Holiday” is a festive collision of heart warming comedy and mood altering plot twists that will leave even the most internally solid viewers debating the proper emotional response to the productions interesting ladder of events. In this 2013 sequel Lee resurrects the cast from his 1999 film “The Best Man” to invite audience members back into the lives of its characters 15 years later. Tempers rise and old rivalries are reborn as the group of college friends reunite for the Christmas holiday. Thought by all to be an opportunity to catch up it is not long before the group realizes the true motive of this gathering.

“Best Man Holiday” goes down like a cup of “just add water” hot chocolate on a cold winter night. At first it resembles the essence of perfection; warm, tasteful, smooth and comfortable until the mug empties and all that remains are the cold clumps of powder that didn’t fully mix with the rest of the beverage, causing you to long for the perfection of those first few sips. It almost identically resembles the thematic plot build of Tyle Perrys “Why Did I Get Married”, comedy, a little more comedy, a dramatic plot twist, good versus evil, characters finding some sort of closure, redemption and the end.

The film could have worked, but derails itself by abruptly transforming from a delightful comedy that welcomes you into the script to a drama focusing on redemption, sin, tragedy and a resolute ending saving everyone’s soul. Though the films characters achieve closure in the end, the same can not be said for its audience members.

There is a reason few films ride the line between genres of polar opposites-because the two don’t really mix. Aside from its bipolar feel, “Best Man Holiday” sports a welcoming and realistic vibe that makes it hard to compare with all other films of its genre.  The films relatable character dynamic and realistic dialogue set it apart from the herd by working to give viewers a cinematic experience that everyone can relate to. Though the film itself is technically sound, its cast helped push the film over the line of average to above far beyond average.

In my decision to opt out of giving a detailed description of each actors performance it can be simply said that no one individual shined above another and all performed well-with one exception; Terrance Howard’s character. Howard’s character, a pot smoking, laid back, confirmed bachelor whose wit and humor leads the the film’s comic relief is entertaining for the whole family (though I do not recommend the entire family see this film as it is relatively inappropriate for young children.) Howard’s character will constantly make you smile, even when the film makes a complete 180.  Characters such as this make the film ultimately amusing and one that no one should skip this holiday season.

In conclusion, Lee’s “Best Man Holiday” is a sturdy film. It welcomes you with open arms and includes you in the moment to moment drama that unfolds on screen. You become sentimentally invested in its characters and will feel, by the films end, that you are apart of their family.


  1. Andrea says:

    December 13th, 2013at 2:46 pm(#)

    I enjoyed this film. It did have flaws, but I laughed, I cried, I gasped appropriately throughout the film. I expect holiday films to be manipulative, particularly family-based romcoms. It’s a pleasure to see upscale, normal African Americans in a non violent film. I also like to see a film with beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes living in gorgeous homes. I do not come to “BEST MAN” films for anything but fluff. Sometimes I want a predictable relaxing films where I am reciting the dialogue along with the characters. The people behind me commented out loud throughout the film, but I didn’t mind. I felt like I was home with my large extended family.
    I saw, and enjoyed, LEE DANIEL’S THE BUTLER, FRUITVALE STATION, MANDELA LONG WALK TO FREEDOM and 12 YEARS A SLAVE over the last few months. These were films where I expected, and got, a deeper content. BEST MAN HOLIDAY was simply for fun and I did have a good time. Lots of eye candy for men and women in this one. It does not disappoint.

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