“About Last Night”

February 27th, 2014  |  Published in Recent Reviews

about last night021 About Last NightSteve Pink’s “About Last Night” is an effectively engaging and irrefutably humorous reimagining of the 1986 drama of the same name and is, at this moment, Kevin Hart’s best film to date. Following the release of Hart’s “Let Me Explain Tour” and most recent on screen comedy collaboration with rapper/actor Ice Cube in “Ride Along” many, including myself, may have begun to ponder the question “how can the rising comedic sensation be funnier?” After seeing the film “About Last Night,” Hart’s answer seems pretty evident-cast him as an alcohol enthusiast that enjoys the intimate company of feisty, hard headed women, who are accepting of the idea of wearing a chicken mask during sex (in this case, Regina Hall is this woman.) Those who are familiar with the comedians previous work would be intrigued to see just how Hart could tackle the role of Bernie (his character in the film) who will assuredly not be disappointed.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: it doesn’t matter what height, color, race/ethnicity, age or personality you are, Hart delivers an onscreen presence that everyone can enjoy. Though some may be uncomfortable with the films intensive sexual humor the existing chemistry between the films characters (specifically Hart and Hall) is a rarity that everyone will be swift to appreciate.

As forewarning, the film, at certain moments, is a bit over the top but does flesh out romantically dramatic situations that may have been present in the original in a minimal way-so even those who intend on viewing the film for comparative purposes (though the two films are very different) will find some solace in the directors choice to respect “About Last Nights” dramatic origins.

The film follows two couples and their rocky attempt to transition from the nightlife bar scene where they met and feel most comfortable to the real world in real world relationships. What begins as a series of steps in the right direction for Bernie and Danny (Michael Ealy), two restaurant supply entrepreneur’s, and their partners Joan (Regina Hall) and Debbie (Joy Bryant) quickly turns into a seemingly irreparable ladder of bad impulsive decisions shady choices. As one couples lives begin to spiral out of control, the other is building a future for themselves, and vice versa. Audiences will be able to witness first hand the highs and low’s of each pair and chuckle at their inability to get it right.

“About Last Night” is ultimately enjoyable and consistently funny. Its plot is unique to the romantic comedy genre in which two couples of polar opposites are trying to make something of their lives, and is perfectly matched with the cast’s natural personalities. On one end of the spectrum, Debbie and Danny are a very simple and elegant pairing that tries to distance themselves from the black out (drunk) crowd. Both actors have a history of taking on similarly shy and serious roles and match these characters well. On the other end of the spectrum, Bernie and Joan are a very sporadic pairing whose actions seem to always be fueled by some name brand liquor and the ambition to speak their minds. Hall (known for her roles as Brenda in the Scary Movie series) and Hart (known for his “out of the box approach to comedy) fit their unpredictable on screen characters well.

The film is a high point in the career of its cast members and will be for some time. The dynamic between its characters is unique to this group of talent and will be enjoyed by everyone.

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